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The Science's Dilemma (2018)

Directed by Víctor Luengo


The European Union must decide what type of food industry will satisfy its 500 million citizens.

What is the price of progress?

A documentary that explores the mechanisms of decision making from the heart of Europe. In-depth research into the relationships between business, media, activist organizations and European institutions.

Is it possible to find a sustainable model?

Director Victor Luengo allows us to listen to the main experts on the subject. An indispensable documentary to understand what kind of future awaits us.

Title / The Science's Dilemma Director / Víctor Luengo Script / Víctor Luengo Running Time / 52'(TV) - 80'(TR) Genre / Documentary Feature Country / Spain Language / English, Spanish, German, French Location / Europe Format / HD Producers / Victor Luengo, Pablo de la Chica, Guillermo Logar Production Company / Salon Indien Films Distribution / Salon Indien Films With / Czeslaw Adam Siekierske, Jean Philipe Azouylay, Luc Peeters, Nathalie Moll, Hanspeter Naegeli, Michael John Jeger, Soledad de Juan, Nina Hollanda, Franziska Achterberg, Maria Heubuch