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Hundreds of millions of kids play football every day. For many of them, football grants are the only way to access education and the ticket to a better future. In some cases, it is their only way of surviving.

Reagan dreams of being the next Fernando Torres and scoring the goal that will conquer the first African Cup for his country. 

Directed by Pablo de la Chica

NHK Japan Prize 2016 Best Educational Film


sacred water


Guided by Vestine, an extravagant star of radio nights, the film discovers rwandan sexuality in search of the water that gushes out the female body and reveals with humor and spontaneity the mystery of female ejaculation.

Sacred Water confronts the western viewer with its own intimacy and immerses you into a modern Rwanda rediscovering its heritage in the most secret way: female pleasure.

Directed by Olivier Jourdain

 Nominated for PRIX EUROPA 2017

2 - PUERTO RICO - LOS 100tos PRINCIPALES C Anya Bartels-Suermondt (420).JPG


in theaters november 24 

More than a decade ago, Diego 'El Cigala' experimented along with Bebo Valdés with the sounds of the Latin American continent. A collaboration that opened up new artistic horizons and mixed Diego’s flamenco’s heritage with the cuban salsa. Now, Diego embarks on a new journey to honor his late wife Amparo. A musical homage to the most important woman of his life.

Directed by david pareja

 Official selection Doc. España SEMINCI 2017



Established in 2014 between Madrid and New York,  Salon Indien Films was founded with the intention of creating a wide range of projects of fiction and documentary. We felt that we needed creative freedom in order to produce the films that we were in love with. The Other Kids (2016) directed by Pablo de la Chica became our first international project. Now, the film has been sold to more than 20 TV channels worldwide, screened at film festivals around the world and received numerous accolades such as the NHK Japan Prize 日本 賞 2016 Best Educational Film in Japan and the Audience Award at DOCSMX 2016. 

Salon Indien Films has also specialized in the distribution of films both in Europe and Latin America expanding its catalogue with extraordinary films from visionary directors such as Olivier Jourdain (Agua Sagrada), Guillermo García López (Goya for Best Documentary for Delicate Balance), Teresa Sendagorta (Mothertongue), Javier Senz (Manchester Keeps On Dancing, David Pareja (Indestructible, the soul of the salsa) and Diego Torres (Foolish Old Man) among others. Our films connect with millions of viewers worldwide through theatrical release, Film Festivals and VOD/TV.



Photo: Elena Trincado

Photo: Elena Trincado

Photo: Elena Trincado

Photo: Elena Trincado

Pablo de la Chica (CEO)

Producer and director. In 2013 he founded the production company Salon Indien Films in order to produce independent cinematographic works. His first feature-length documentary The Other Kids was made in co-production with La Mirada Oblicua, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, and Canal Sur RTVASpain. Currently, the documentary has been sold to 19 countries. Pablo has also been awarded with the prestigious Japan Prize 2016 for the Best Work on Youth Category and the Audience Award at the 2016 DocMX Film Festival and the Audience Award at HumanDOC as well as a Special Mention in Directing in the same festival.                                                                       


Guillermo Logar (Latin America)

Filmmaker, theater director, magazine editor and founder of the multi disciplinary company The R.Mutt Society, based in New York City. He wrote and directed the short film Seep (2013) along with Larry Bao. He directed Philip Ridley's Mercury Fur (2014) at Under St. Marks Theater, Ionesco's The Bald Soprano (2015) at The Gene Frankel Theater and the Instituto Cervantes of NY and the original play In The Pines (2015) at the Walkerspace (Soho Rep). In 2016 Guillermo joined Salon Indien Films as an executive distributor focusing on the Latin American market. 



Marisa Portugues (Europe)

Born in Paris. She worked for many years in the marketing department of two of the largest film studios: Universal and Warner Bros. Working in the marketing strategy of iconic titles such as Matrix and Harry Potter. She joined the Sogepaq-Sogetel marketing and sales team where she worked with independent productions both Spanish and international; Showgirls, Moll Flanders, The Others or Open Your Eyes among others. She has also created and manage an artistic multi-space: ARTEYAPARTE, aimed mainly for a children's audience, where workshops are held in different artistic disciplines, which is also a meeting point for parents to see exhibitions and enjoy a good cup of coffee. She later came back to the world of cinema as a distributor specializing in the cultural circuit Diorama and joining MEDIA.