Directed by Larry Bao & Guillermo Logar

In a quiet waiting room between life and death, two women attempt to make their time a little less stale

Title: Seep Year: 2016 Running Time: 22′:15″ Genre: Short Fiction Language: English Country: USA Location: Brooklyn, USA Format: DVD, Blu-Ray .MOV / .MP4 H264 1080 HD Directed by: Guillermo Logar & Larry Bao Cast: Fernanda Valencia, Alyson Calder Script: Larry Bao Production: The R.Mutt Society Executive Producers: Guillermo Logar & Larry Bao Producion Assistant: Cecilia Valencia, Bea de la Cruz, Danny Patrick First Assistant Director: Aina Segui Prats Cinematography: Danilo Lima, Anthony Ferrer, Larry Bao Visual Effects: John Sornsong-Wilder Editing: Larry Bao Sound: Jeff Jowdy Music: Josh Hambrock, Jason Nelson Make-up: Nora Bussolari International Distribution: Salon Indien Films