Directed by Teresa Sendagorta

Keith, a tired international executive in his forties that spends most of his time in airports, feels lost and rootless. After a lifetime traveling from country to country, he does not know if he is German or not. His father was but refused to speak that language to him as a child. Keith suspects this might have been related to his father’s experience during war. His admired father was a great storyteller and an enigmatic character. Two years after his father's death, Keith finds out that he left him a letter-path to follow: “Keith, come and join me”: 600 letters sent by his father since 1940 to the important women in his life. Some women were already dead. Most of them are in their late 80s. Time is short. Keith decides to travel and listen to their words. Beirut is his first step.


Official selection at Festival de Málaga 2016 and Documenta Madrid 2016

Title / MOTHERTONGUE Running Time / 73' Genre / Documentary Feature Country / Spain Language / English, Spanish, German Location / Belgium, Lebanon, Namibia, South Africa, Germany, Spain Format / HD Director / Teresa Sendagorta Script / Teresa Sendagorta, Keith Andrew Wiedersheim Editing / Yago Muñiz, Edu Crespo Sound / Diego Cardoso Music / William Kingswood Production Company / Chisgarabís Kino Distribution / Salon Indien Films With / Keith Andrew Wiedersheim, Sonja Kirschtein, Audrey Jordá, Els Greshof, Nancy Gordon, Misha Krafft, Marion El Mokdessi, Adi Wiedersheim, Elisabeth Ryll.