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Directed by Javi Senz

'Manchester Keeps on Dancing' is a feature film that documents - in exceptional detail - the arrival of House music into Manchester from Chicago in the 80’s and the Acid House explosion of 1988 and the following 30 years of its phenomenal rise until today.

This exceptional documentary by filmmaker Javi Senz goes much deeper than just the Hacienda. The film digs into archive footage never before seen on film, alongside in-depth interviews and memorable stories to help the viewer understand why this new electronic music first landed in Manchester and how the city embraced and developed it through the decades.

Contributing to the film are a host of top DJs and Producers including Greg Wilson, Mike Pickering, Laurent Garnier, Andrew Weatherall, Justin Robertson Dave Haslam, Luke Unabomber, Seth Troxler, Carl Craig or Marshall Jefferson among others...

Title / Manchester keeps on dancing Running Time / 90' Genre / Documentary Country / UK, Spain Language / English Location / Manchester (UK) Format / HD Director / Javi Senz Cinematography / Matt Gathercole Music Supervisors / Ralph Lawson & Raul Santos Sound / Laro Basterrechea & Beltran Rengifo Music / Ralph Lawson & Raul Santos Color / Santiago Garcia Graphics / Nick Barton Production Company / Salon Indien Films Distribution/ Salon Indien Films With/ Krysko, Marshall Jeferson, Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, Seth Troxler, Andrew Weatherrall, Mike Pickering, Gregwilson, Justin Robertson, Ralph Lawson, Luke Unabomber, Dave Haslasm, James Holroyd, Colin Curtis, Mike Shaft, Will Tramp, Metrodome and many more.