Short | Horror | Spain


A film by Sergio Morcillo

Marta is a teenager whose parents died two years ago. One night, while alone at home, she will discover the truth about the pain that is tormenting her.

Title / Gotas Director / Sergio Morcillo Script / Santiago Taboada Running Time / 16 minutes Genre / Ficcion Country / Spain Language / Spanish - subs EN Location / Spain Format / HD With / Marina Romero, Ismael de las Heras, Patricia Arizmendi, Adrian López Cinematography / Daniel Borbujo Art Department / Ana Cobos FXV & Special Effects Department / Sergio Moral Make up Department / Alba Cantuel Sound, Sound editing & mixing / Roberto HG Editing / Hugo Gonzalez Production Company / Darko Decimavilla Distribution / Salon Indien Films With the support of / Comunidad de Madrid