Stuka poster

A film by Pepe Andreu & Rafa Molés

Why did Nazi Germany bomb four Spanish villages?

In the heat of the Spanish Civil War the inhabitants of four tiny towns of Spain see three planes appear on the horizon. Some children start waving hello, adults look at them with innocence and curiosity. But the planes maneuver, they crumble and bomb houses and churches. They kill 38 inhabitants. They never knew who was responsible. Until now.

Almost 80 years later one man finds a folder in the military archive of Freiburg, Germany, with 66 aerial photographs. Germans took interest to document the bombing. The inhabitants of Benassal, Ares, Albocàsser and Vilar de Canes will finally know that they were victims of a Nazi experiment.

Title / Experimento Stuka Running Time / 75' Genre / Documentary Country / Spain Language / Spanish, Catalan, English, German / Spanish and English Subt. Location / Spain Format / Digital Director / Pepe Andreu & Rafa Molés Cinematography / José Luis González Iglesias Music/ Alberto Lucendo Sound / Iván Martínez-Rufat Producer / Natalia Maestro, Andrés Luque, Marta Martín, Robert Arnau Production Design / Patricia Velert Production Company / Suica Films & TVE Distribution/ Salon Indien Films (International)