Documentary | LGBT | Spain


By Pedro Moutinho y Rosana Lorente

5’’ follows the lives of a group of gay men living in Madrid whose interactions with other men result almost exclusively from contact initiated on phone apps. This intimate portrayal is a reflection of the hybrid world in which we live, at the intersection of reality and the virtual world, and shows us how these apps affect the dating panorama, fostering à la carte relationships and individuality. In this entwined but fragmented landscape, how do we integrate dating apps into our daily lives?

Title / 5" (5 pulgadas) Director / Pedro Moitinho y Rosana Lorente Script / Pedro Moitinho y Rosana Lorente Running Time / 82 minutes Genre / Documentary LGBT Country / Spain Language / Spanish - subs EN Location / Spain Format / HD Cinematography / Pedro Moitinho, Radu Gheorghe, David Torres Sound, Sound editing & mixing / Funkópata Editing / José Cabello Animation / Andrew Khosravani design and poster / Ibai González Muga Production Company / David Torres Distribution / Salon Indien Films