Guillermo Logar Feature Film

Director Guillermo Logar focuses on the work of the former president from his appointment in July 1976 to the first democratic elections in June 1977. The most difficult and at the same time more exciting year of the Spanish Transition.

Salon Indien Films with the coproduction of IB3 Radiotelevisió de les Illes Balears





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The Science's Dilemma

directed by Victor Luengo

The European Union must decide what type of food industry will satisfy its 500 million citizens. A documentary that explores the mechanisms of decision making from the heart of Europe. In-depth research into the relationships between business, media, activist organizations and European institutions.

 Salon Indien Films




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 directed by Victoria Paz 

Roly, an icon of the counter-culture punk, always dreamt of having a home according to his values. He has no money, but lots of ideals, a wife, and 4 children. They run away from a sickly city into the countryside. He risks losing everything to try and build the house that he longs for, even when reality is insisting on prevailing.


Running Time: 80 minutes  Genre: Documentary Feature Year: 2018

 Maskin Producciones - Salon Indien Films with CNCA-Chile Audiovisual Fund



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Indestructible, the soul of Salsa

 directed by David Pareja

A decade ago, Diego 'El Cigala' experimented along with Bebo Valdés with the sounds of the Latin American continent. A collaboration that opened up to new artistic horizons and mixed Diego’s flamenco’s heritage with the cuban salsa. Now, Diego embarks on a new journey to honor his late wife Amparo. A musical homage to the most important woman of his life.


Running Time: 82 minutes  Genre: Documentary Feature Year: 2017

Live in Salsa - Salon Indien Films 



Manchester, keeps on dancing

 directed by Javi Senz

'Manchester Keeps on Dancing' is a feature film that documents - in exceptional detail - the arrival of House music into Manchester from Chicago in the 80’s and the Acid House explosion of 1988 and the following 30 years of its phenomenal rise until today.


Running Time: 90 minutes  Genre: Documentary Feature Year: 2017

Salon Indien Films - Javi Senz - Oliver Wilson



The Other Kids

 directed by Pablo de la Chica

Mubiru Reagan's life depends on a football scholarship. His dream is to emulate his idol, Fernando Torres, and be able to score a goal that will take his country, Uganda, to their first African Nations Cup. But above all he wants to study.  A story about childhood, football and dreams.

Running Time: 82 minutes  Genre: Documentary Feature Year: 2016

Salon Indien Films with the coproduction of Al jazeera, RTVA Canal Sur and Movistar+



The World of Mao

 directed by Pablo de la Chica

During the LRA conflict, childhood was snatched from thousand kids in North Uganda. Thousands of them stopped being children and stopped dreaming, becoming a forgotten generation. Mao is one of those children, his dream is to meet his soccer idols face to face. He takes refuge in sports to forget about the past, but, above all, Mao plays football to be free.


Running Time: 12 minutes  Genre: Documentary Feature Year: 2015

Salon Indien Films in collaboration with Comunidad de Madrid